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Please join us for our 3rd annual beef and beer. visit our facebook page for more details.

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The Keatley Foundation has a new blog, you can follow at this link Keatley Foundation Blog

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The Keatley Foundation Mission:

Everybody knows somebody who has been affected or has personally been affected by the horrifying disease, cancer. The purpose of the Keatley Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to give our community a voice in the fight against cancer by allowing people to honor their loved ones who have battled the disease. Through fundraisers, your personal donations, and the sale of our merchandise we will give monetary support to Jefferson University’s Kimmel Cancer Center. We look forward to the day there is a cure, but will continue to give support to those in their battle today. We’re in the fight to give hope and strength to families in our area and let them know this community cares.
The Keatley Foundation asks: WHAT WOULD YOU FIGHT FOR?

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